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Zapper, phantom-ware, double tills, two sets of books and other methods are commonly used to reduce true turnover amounts and defraud domestic taxes with the use of standard ECR, POS and ERP systems. This can be easily stopped by introducing a set of Rules to streamline invoicing data to the Revenue Authority and prevent manipulation. DTI has gathered tremendous experience in this area and has optimized the implementation process (fiscalization) to accommodate all stakeholders with less human resources and less investment in the equipment.


A digital invoice customs exchange (DICE) is a technology intensive tax compliance regime for VAT. It utilizes invoice encryption to safeguard transactional data exchanged between the seller and buyer in both domestic and import export contexts while simultaneously notifying concerned jurisdictions of the transaction details. DICE is highly recommendable solution for preventing (MTIC) “missing
trader intra-Community” & “missing trader extra-Community fraud” – (MTEC) or carousel fraud between union member countries.


Avatar-DTI has made joint effort to deliver working prototypes of different invoicing models based on the best user experience vs. data security from various fiscal countries and different types of fiscalization implemented. The goal is to use commercially available devices modified to work in accordance with encryption security mechanism, delivered by DTI, to safeguard taxpayer’s information and remotely deliver data (remote audit) to designated server of Revenue Authority. This concept offers top-notch efficiency for revenue collection and compliance control while at the same time the end user (taxpayer) enjoys the benefit of easy to use system. Tax Authority will not have to worry about the use of any automated sales suppression methods such as zapper / phantomware as the Avatar-DTI solution prevents these fraud from happening in the first place.