ESTIEM’s student conference

Data Tech International is pleased to have sponsored and participated in the ESTIEM’s student conference – LXIV Council Meeting, which took place on 2nd – 9th of May in Belgrade, Serbia. ESTIEM, or the European Students of Industrial Engineering and Management, is a non-profit organization for Industrial Engineering and Management […]

The implications of e-invoicing in France

Since January 1st, 2020, all companies dealing with the public sector, regardless of their size, must send their invoices in electronic format. Likewise, all public entities in the European Union are required to accept electronic invoices addressed to them. The main objective of introducing e-invoicing is to simplify sending and […]

TaxCore @home – Serbia

Minister of Finance in the Government of Serbia Sinisa Mali announced that the transition period to a new fiscalization model begins from November 1st 2021. Everything is ready for the official kick off as Data Tech International, along with consortium partners, deployed TaxCore into production on a brand new equipment that […]

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