Data Tech International returned to the seminar for the second year in a row, but this time with new ideas and an even firmer proof of how the economy needs immediate help from digitalization. Data Tech International made a presentation that was based on the model it implemented for the Government of Fiji . This is when our company also showcased TaxCore, the platform we created and successfully rolled out to fight against Tax evasion and tax fraud.

The point of the presentation was to bring up to attention that the systems used by tax offices worldwide are outdated, and they fail to find their place in the 21st century. Mr. Goran spoke about how thanks to technology, each and every customer is someone who can register fraud detection. Every digital (or physical) receipt is a chance for a consumer to win an award, therefore they will always scan the QR code in order to enter the lottery. This further shows the legitimacy of the receipt and any possible discrepancies the local tax office can easily detect.

Just as 2017 was important for Data Tech International as a brand, 2018 was important for TaxCore and its many future achievements. TaxCore serves as a perfect example of how real-time tax compliance can be easily enforced without damaging taxpayers.

Moreover, a digital invoice system such as TaxCore is the perfect tool to detect and fight fraud without the long procedures that usually end up in frustration on both ends.

This workshop, as other in the past organised and chaired by Prof. Dr Jeffrey Owens at the WU, have provided practical insights on the global trends of VAT/GST adoption and application to digital transactions, treatment of online platforms and ways to achieve higher level of tax compliance. Government officials, international and regional organisations, business and academics have mutually benefited from the exchange of opinions, experiences and best practice.