Once Data Tech International successfully implemented TaxCore, also known as Vat Monitoring System (VMS) in Fiji, DTI has undertaken a tax inspector training to make sure that FRCS takes absolute advantage of everything the platform has to offer. Most importantly, this is when DTI presented a new feature to inspectors for the first time. They could go to any supermarket and simply press their tablet against a secure element (POS smart card), read all the data, and leave the store without wasting any time.

This procedure is crucial because it can be done without interrupting taxpayer’s operation at all – the personnel doesn’t have to turn off any tills or stop scanning new products for auditors to do their job. Also, if it happens that a POS card stops working for some reason, inspectors can use an application DTI developed to audit it on the spot. 

The idea of TaxCore is to help tax authorities long-term, which means they have the freedom to take full advantage of the platform and come up with their own effective ideas.