TaxCore®, by Data Tech International (DTI), is not designed to help tax authorities and governments only – we also had taxpayers in mind. Suppressing tax evasion and fraud is the primary goal of the fiscalisation, but let’s not forget compliant taxpayers who are the crucial pillars of a healthy economy and a healthy system. With that in mind, TaxCore® was developed to benefit taxpayers in a simple and easy way to use, yet extremely transparent and safe.

Relationship based on trust and absolute transparency needs to exist between a taxman and a taxpayer. Not only is this the best tool in the fight against the grey economy, but it can also significantly increase a country’s tax revenue. Most importantly, it establishes an atmosphere where the same rules apply for every single taxpayer. This way, there is no unfair competition, which brings about a very healthy business environment.

DTI ensured that all of the three sides are equally satisfied; a local tax authority, a taxpayer, and an every-day customer. All of the three present important factors in establishing a stable fiscal and tax collecting system. So once we ensured that a local tax authority got a secure system through which it can monitor taxpayers efficiently, how did we make sure that taxpayers get the exact same treatment?

TAP (Taxpayer Administration Portal)

The idea of TaxCore® is to not be disruptive to business, instead, its purpose is to further improve the tax collecting system. It adds value to those who don’t have sophisticated ways of recording sales, yet it doesn’t disturb accounting.

Authorities usually opt to perform taxpayer enrolment process gradually – by putting taxpayers into groups, segmenting per size, business activity, geo location, etc., however we’ve seen a lot of taxpayers request enrolment voluntary. Why is that?

Once enrolled, a taxpayer gains access to the Taxpayer Administration Portal (TAP). It is a secure space through which taxpayers have insight into their business from the taxman’s point of view.

Taxpayer’s Dashboard – Action Center for preventive compliance

TAP can even be used for issuing invoices, which eliminates the mandatory need for an Electronic Fiscal Device. Naturally, this goes for business owners to whom conventional ECR/POS or ERP isn’t necessary for registering transactions (very useful to real-estate, renting, accounting, law practice and similar business activities).

Taxpayer Administration Portal (TAP) is very user friendly too. Everything is extremely simple to use so an average taxpayer wouldn’t have to spend too much time on the portal itself.

TAP can also be of a great help to business owners with multiple sales points. Given that a Tax Authority requires (in countries where real-time transaction reporting is mandatory) constant connection, having an downtime can present an issue. TaxCore® provides a Tax Authority with 24/7 fiscal monitoring over its entire territory. If it happens that a certain business stops sending information to the server for a certain period of time, this can present a red flag for the enforcement. But, in such case, a taxpayer can simply log in to TAP, check if any location fails to upload, and perform corrective action to prevent undesirable visit. The tax authority will receive all transactions that were issued in the meantime, and both sides can continue functioning meticulously.

Search for fiscal receipt/invoices reported and missing from Tax Authority has never been easier for a taxpayer

Thanks to the prerequisite of assigning digital identity to each taxpayer, which is part of the TaxCore® enrolment process, TAP offers various actions taxpayers can use to avoid filling out new forms, going to the local tax office for administration or receive visits by tax officers for no reason. One of such actions, we are extremely proud of, is remote request for additional digital certificates or revocation of the ones who are no longer needed.


TaxCore® Thought of Consumers Too

Since both Tax Authority and taxpayers have proper systems to operate by, where does this leave consumers? Since this group is also a key factor in establishing a healthy economy, it is the duty of everyone to make sure its rights are guaranteed.

That is why we developed the Customer Compliance Award Program. Each receipt issued with TaxCore® comes with a QR code a customer can scan. By scanning the receipt, they gain access to its electronic version. Thanks to this, a receipt can also be reported if a customer suspects something doesn’t seem right.

By reporting a receipt, a customer successfully becomes a part of a lottery which rewards them for their help to a Tax Authority. The rewards can vary for something small, such as a dinner for two, to something big, such as a car.

Thanks to this arrangement, TaxCore®, along with a local tax authority, provides fertile ground for a healthy system in which every group presents an important factor. And since every group is so crucial, we made sure to use technology into their favour. TaxCore® is your strongest ally in the fight against tax fraud and the grey economy.