Artificial Intelligence and TaxCore


Tax fraud directly and negatively affects business market conditions by creating unfair competition. Compared to competitors who do not pay taxes, companies that operate in accordance with the law have higher costs, and therefore, higher prices for products and services. Moreover, tax fraud, from the perception of the individual citizens, […]

Electronic Sales Suppression is a global issue

Electronic sales suppression, also known as “zapper” or “phantomware,” is a form of tax evasion that involves manipulating electronic records to underreport or delete sales transactions. This fraudulent practice has become more prevalent in recent years, prompting governments and tax authorities to crack down on businesses that engage in such […]

19th Annual PITAA Heads Meeting

On August 22-23, 2022, the Pacific Islands Tax Administrators’ Association (PITAA) and other distinguished members conducted a 19th annual conference with both physical and virtual attendance. The conference was held in Fiji Islands, attended by delegates from 14 PITAA member countries, regional and international partners, including Data Tech International (DTI). The keynote address […]

ESTIEM’s student conference

Data Tech International is pleased to have sponsored and participated in the ESTIEM’s student conference – LXIV Council Meeting, which took place on 2nd – 9th of May in Belgrade, Serbia. ESTIEM, or the European Students of Industrial Engineering and Management, is a non-profit organization for Industrial Engineering and Management […]

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