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- How can I retrieve tax labels successfully for my POS solution?
Last Updated 6 months ago

As all environments in Sandbox have purposely different set of tax labels and rates, in order to avoid a manual setup on your POS, it is best to recognize the right environment from the loaded certificate and apply the configuration obtained by these commands.

You can extract information about the environments from subjects of your digital certificates. Here is a guide on how to do it with success:

"Obtain a URL of the TaxCore.Api Service in Runtime":

"Obtain a URL of the TaxCore.API Service from Digital Certificate - Serbia only":

"Get Environment Configuration":

"Get Tax Authority Parameters":

"Get Environment Parameters - Serbia only":

In addition to that, it may be useful as well to go through the following articles dedicated to calculating taxes and getting an idea of what are the elements that are contained in a fiscal invoice:

"Calculate taxes":

"Calculate taxes - Serbia only":

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