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- Which information is shown in the invoice header and where does it comes from?
Last Updated 6 months ago

All this information that appears on the receipt header (address included) should be read from a certificate and you will receive it as part of the response.

This means that you will not input your header manually, but instead use the one from the certificate. It's not just on Developer Portal, exactly the same address must be found also on the issued (printed) version of the receipt issued to the final customer.

To test if your implementation is done properly, upon issuing a receipt you can scan its QR code. The URL will be opened on a public facing Portal in which the information on the receipt issued to the customer must match what has been reported.

All the information, therefore, is received from the secure element as part of the invoice response.

Please see the following entries for more details:

"Invoice Response":

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"Mapping Digital Certificate Subject Parameters to Invoice Fields - Serbia only":

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