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- I want to accredit my POS/ESDC product, but it will be distributed by one of my customers in that jurisdiction. How do I proceed in this case?
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In a case that the ownership of a POS/ESDC you are developing will be with your customer please let them know that they should either register themselves (and subsequently forward you enrollment email containing certificates, and login information so you can use those for development purposes) or you can register in their stead with you as an authorized person using their details (including their Business number or its equivalent).

It is common for a software manufacturer to register on Sandbox environment for the purpose of obtaining accreditation. You can see the list of registered vendors that went through the same process:

"Accredited Vendors (Samoa - TIMS)":

"Accredited Vendors (Fiji - FRCS)":

"Accredited Vendors (Serbia - PURS)

It's only in case merchant is the only user of the POS/ESDC in country that he/she can register as merchant and obtain a non-transferable accreditation. Notice the difference:

  • Transferrable means this product can be sold by designated supplier only. Accreditation is transferrable to taxpayer who purchases this product
  • Non-transferable means this product can be used by taxpayer listed on the accreditation only. Accreditation is not transferrable to other taxpayers
Also for more information on accreditation process, feel free to explore our online manual:

"EFD Vendors":

"EFD Vendors - Serbia only":

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