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- I got a PFX file but I would like to obtain also the RCA and ICA certificates to access TAP, how can I do that?
Last Updated 6 months ago

To access Taxpayer Administration Portal, you will need to install RCA, ICA and Developer Authentication (.pfx) certificates that you received in an email from the Tax Authority after finishing the registration process.

In case you haven't received the appropriate RCA and ICA certificates for whatever reason from the Tax Authority, you can follow the instructions described in the following article in our user documentation below:

"Obtaining RCA and ICA Certificates From a PFX Certificate":

"Obtaining RCA and ICA Certificates From a PFX Certificate - Serbia only":

Kindly bear in mind that from the Developer Portal's main login page you can find also instructions on how to download and install RCA and ICA certificates for your access purposes.

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