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- What if a customer uses a voucher or a coupon to reduce the invoice total?
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The full question with a sample is following:

  • Ex. Invoice has 2 items. Item A is $9.00. Item B is $3.00.
    • Item B is issued a 200% discount (now Item B is -$3.00).
    • In the items section,
      • Item A Price: 9.00 Qty: 1 Total: 9.00
      • Item B Price: -3.00 Qty: -1 Total: -3.00
    • The following error occurs: {"Message":"The request is invalid.","ModelState":{"invoice.Items[1].Quantity":["2804","2804"]}}
    • If the negative is removed from the quantity, no error occurs.
    • Is it acceptable to handle this scenario with a positive quantity?
How can a product have a discount value more then its own value in the first place?
This is a scenario that we often encounter:

  • The menu items are ordered.
  • Then a check level discount is applied as a menu item (ex. coupon, gift certificate).
  • In this case, the product itself is a discount.
The answer is:
If Item B is -200% of regular price than this is a question for auditors, because such situations can cause EFD to refund of an Item on normal sale transaction (instead of tax collected there will be tax giveaway), which in our opinion is not legal.

The applicant bellow gave example of 200% discount on an item. How can a merchant make loss on an item, where is the tax? If voucher or coupon is issued by that merchant then possibly there is a tax paid on the sale of that voucher, however if this is issued by third party this can be used as a fraud to syphon money out of the business.

If regular price of an item A is 9$, the government than expects VAT on that 9$ (VIP). If customer has a separate coupon or voucher than this is used as a mean of payment type, therefore 9$ total will be paid with 3$ coupon and 6$ cash, card… this way customer receives reduction and government receives VAT on full amount.

I don’t think that government participates in the discount schemas provider by retailers, but if I’m wrong please let me know. If it is allowed, than Item A can be sent to SDC by applicant as 6$ VIP, which means that VAT portion will be calculated on 6$ instead of 9$.

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