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- I did not receive a PIN for my initial setup, could you please provide me with one?
Last Updated 6 months ago

When you submitted the request for an additional certificate on a smart card you were prompted to create your own PIN.

Please check user documentation for reference as to what you saw when you requested the smart card:

"Requesting additional certificates":

The tax authority cannot access your personal login details hence we cannot provide you with those.

There was an option to receive an email containing a PIN code that you created as a reminder but that feature was supposed to be selected by an authorized person who is requesting a smart card.

Please, check your Inbox, including your junk email, in case that you did select an email option (to receive a remainder email with a PIN).

If none of these options were selected and if you do not recall a PIN you created, you will be required to request another additional certificate.

To obtain a new card, you must request for a new smart card from TAP, following the instructions provided above, please note that a small fee can be requested in some jurisdictions for re-issuance of a new smart card.

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