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- What do I need to access the TAP and the Developer Portal from my end, I am getting an access error every time I try to log in
Last Updated 2 months ago

Every jurisdiction has two different (separate) environments:

  1. TAP Production Samoa, for taxpayer operations:
  2. TAP Sandbox Samoa (Developer Portal), for developer tests and development:
  3. TAP Production Fiji, for taxpayer operations:
  4. TAP Sandbox Fiji (Developer Portal), for developer tests and development:
  5. TAP Production Serbia, for taxpayer operations:
  6. TAP Sandbox Serbia (Developer Portal), for developer tests and development:
To log in, as a taxpayer, to the first one (TAP Production), you must have secure element (smart card), there is no other way to log in to this portal, while developer portal (TAP Sandbox) will let you login with the file certificate (for developers).

If you want to access to the TAP production environment, if you do not have a smart card physically connected to your workstation you simply won't be able to connect to Production environment.

Here you have instructions as to how to access to each environment separately, according to their access instructions manual:

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