After major success of TaxCore in Fiji, known as VAT Monitoring System (VMS) and the CATA presentation, many jurisdictions worldwide have shown immense interest in DTI’s solution. One of those countries was the Independent State of Samoa. This proud country was governed by New Zealand up until 1962, the year it gained its full independence.

In 1997, its official name was changed from Western Samoa to Samoa. This was the point where a lot of changes were due for this nation, the latest one being a completely new tax collection system.

In July of 2019, the Minister of Revenue in Samoa, Mr. Tialavea Tionisio Hunt, reviled the plan that the country will be rolling out a new tax monitoring system to erode tax evasion. The Minister announced that this new system will be web-based, and it will enable real-time monitoring of businesses and taxpayers.

Samoan Ministry of Customs and Revenue, taking in consideration the successful implementation of our software, TaxCore, in Fiji, has offered the contract to Data Tech International, effective this month, when the implementation of TaxCore should officially begin.

The first order of business after signing the contract is setting up the hardware infrastructure and supporting all the taxpayers in Samoa. Additionally, DTI will provide training and knowledge transfer to the Ministry of Customs and Revenue of Samoa as part of the 5 year deliverable and maintenance agreement.