Data Tech International is pleased to have sponsored and participated in the ESTIEM’s student conference – LXIV Council Meeting, which took place on 2nd – 9th of May in Belgrade, Serbia.

ESTIEM, or the European Students of Industrial Engineering and Management, is a non-profit organization for Industrial Engineering and Management students that combines technological understanding with management skills. Founded in 1990, its goal is to foster relations between IEM students and support their development.

In early May, hundreds of ESTIEM-ers from 26 different countries came to Belgrade for their annual council meeting.

Opening ceremony

An open-air ceremony welcomed all the students at the event and exposed them to beautiful elements of Serbian culture. Members of DTI staff joined in the warm greeting and invited the participants to join them in all the meeting events. The entire ceremony was covered by the media.

Networking Brunch

The Networking Brunch is an informal gathering that took place on May 5th. Participants were free to ask DTI about anything about the company and the way DTI does business. Many students were interested in internship opportunities. DTI also prepared a lot of surprises and gifts for the participating students.

Workshop – Thinking outside of the box: from the first idea to the global solution

For the workshop, DTI selected the topic in line with the spirit of our company vision and achievements: Thinking outside of the box: from the first idea to the global solution.

The workshop lasted for 2 hours, and it gave the participants an opportunity to discuss the importance of diversity, cultural awareness, and design thinking when developing a product for the global market.

During the workshop, the students were solving a mini case study devised by DTI. To that end, the participants were divided into smaller groups for discussion, after which each team presented its solution.

In parallel, we also used an online tool to collect as many different inputs as possible from participants on the topic.


The CSR event stands out as a really special part of ESTIEM’s project. Wishing to add an ecological dimension to the Council Meeting, the organization team came up with the idea to realize a project of planting an entire ESTIEM forrest.

ESTIEM has plans for various other environmental initiatives that DTI, as an exclusive partner, will certainly be involved in.

In conclusion, the experience overall was a very positive one, as the main objective that was proposed before the Council Meeting started was dully achieved: to bring the subject of fiscalization to the attention of the young generation, to raise their awareness of the fight against the gray economy so that they can promote its use in their home countries.