One of the main reasons why TaxCore is such a good platform is the transparency it offers to tax authorities. We digitized tax collecting in a way that both taxpayers, tax authorities, and consumers are all satisfied. To us, it was important that a customer doesn’t get confused by the numbers and letters on the receipt – we made sure everything is short and crystal clear.

Adding the QR code to the bottom of a fiscal receipt gave consumers the freedom to scan it and see all the data. This also further verifies the digital version of the receipt, which is forwarded to the tax office as well.

Sometimes, however, it may happen that what you see on your physical receipt and what you see on the page when you scan the QR code doesn’t quite add up. In this case, TaxCore encourages all consumers to immediately report the receipt. Doing this could also win you a prize, so you will be rewarded for helping your tax office.

How to Report a Receipt

After scanning the QR code, you will land on a page that shows the digital version of your receipt. You will find the option to report on both top and bottom of the receipt.

We split this process into five easy steps:

  1. Contact Details

This is where you’re supposed to identify yourself by providing your full name, phone number, and e-mail address. This way, you can easily be contacted should you win an award. Most importantly, discretion is guaranteed.

  1. Upload the Picture of the Receipt

This step will prompt you to upload a screenshot or a photo of the receipt as a legitimate proof. The maximum picture size is 5mb, so you shouldn’t have a problem uploading it.

  1. Reasons for Reporting

It is vital that an inspector knows why the receipt was reported and what makes it suspicious. You can choose between many reasons – such as location being different, wrong date and time, the amount for a tax item being wrong, etc. You can choose multiple options should there be more than one irregularities on the receipt.

  1. Provide More Details

This step is optional and if you wish you can skip it. We added it simply so customers can describe their experience and what lead them to suspect the receipt.

  1. Enter the Captcha

In this last step all you need to do is prove that you’re human. Once you enter the code, feel free to click on the finish button and the tax office will immediately receive your report. Our programmers ensured that your report looks very visible to inspectors so they can react at their earliest convenience.

By reporting receipts that look inaccurate, you’re helping tax authorities in your country, and are serving an important role in the fight against the grey economy. If you wish to know more about TaxCore and its many features – feel free to contact us here.