The cooperation between Fiji Revenue and Customs Services (FRCS) and Data Tech International (DTI) started in 2017, and today, it stands as the best turnkey project of DTI up to date. The Government of Fiji has realised that tax evasion is something technology can put a stop to.

Therefore, in 2017, DTI was invited to help FRCS come up with a new system that ensures easier and accurate tax collection. By offering the best solution with our platform, TaxCore, the government of Fiji made a decision to contract DTI to help them in the upcoming transition to a new system called VAT Monitoring System (VMS).

What makes TaxCore incredibly useful is the fact it offers a complete insight into every single receipt that goes through the system, may it be from a supermarket, wholesaler, doctor or a lawyer’s office. Therefore, in the present, the tax officers in Fiji can easily detect any irregularities with VAT, STT, EL or other levies throughout the country.

With VMS, Fiji probably has one of the most modern systems in the world which is fully digitalised e-invoicing system. However, given the challenging telecom infrastructure which often causes connection disturbances, DTI was faced with main obstacle: how to make e-invoice immediately verifiable regardless if Internet on premise is up or down.

We had to devise a system that would allow collecting data from a POS (Point of Sale) device even when the connection breaks. This data remains secured thanks to a smart card connected to the POS until the connection restores, and then it is forwarded to the tax office.

DTI’s team of programmers was ready to put a lot of time and effort into finding proper inventions to work around all the possible obstacles. It is thanks to their hard work we managed to successfully implement TaxCore and help the government of Fiji battle tax fraud efficiently.