Revenue compliance management – TaxCore a powerful tool

TaxCore is independent of a Tax Authority’s admin system – but comes packed with powerful features. No need for many tools, TaxCore manages the whole tax revenue compliance process with a clear concept and powerful applications.

All governments dream of near-complete compliance, higher revenues, a broader tax base with lower rates – and a light-touch, cost-efficient administration. This is now possible.

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The process is carried out by invitation only. It involves both taxpayers and an TA Enrollment Officer TA Enrollment Officer sends invitation to taxpayer. Taxpayer chooses own PIN for smart card and submits enrollment form. PIN is known only to taxpayer, not even the TA can discover it. Personalized smart card created by TA Enrollment Officer. Taxpayer receives e-mail / SMS, and collects smartcard. The taxpayer can now log onto the TA Portal, and submit invoices by their device of choice.

Secure Element (SE)

The SE resides on a smart card or in the V-SDC. It consists of software accessible only to the TA. It maintains the integrity of the fiscal data by preventing tampering, zappers, phantomware and unauthorized use of data.

Smart Card

A smart card is a plastic card containing an embedded microprocessor chip that stores and transacts data. TaxCore smart cards contain the taxpayer’s unique ID, an applet for offline invoicing and data registers. It is used with an E-SDC to sign invoices.

Digital Certificate

This is a digital ID file that is used to connect to a V-SDC, just like a smart card is used with an E-SDC. The taxpayer receives the file via email

Free POS (mobile + web app)

Mobile apps are available free of charge on Android and iOS webstores. BYOD (bring-your-own-device)

Audit package

An audit package is a small data package containing all information on one sales transaction. It is sent to the TaxCore Back Office via the internet or physically, e.g. on a flash drive

Proof of Audit (PoA)

When all expected audit packages have been received, TaxCore Back Office checks and records them, and returns a PoA to the taxpayer’s EFD

Online (remote) and Offline (local) audit

TaxCore is network independent – built to work in both online and offline environments, with or without the Internet. Remote audit is instantly completed over the Internet; local audit is done manually when the internet is poor or unavailable, via e.g. an SD card or USB flash drive

Data Encryption

Secure encryption of audit data prevents access to sales data by unauthorized persons. Audit can be decrypted only by the TA’s TaxCore Back Office

TaxCore Back Office

Back Office is the heart of the system. It receives audit packages from taxpayers, checks the data and sends PoA. Back Office records each transaction with a unique ID number, which is printed on the invoice. It provides Tax Inspectors or other TA staff with full insight and many useful features. Back Office drives one or more network operating centers, where wall mounted monitors display charted data in real-time, giving TA executives a running status analysis

Taxpayer Portal (TAP)

The TAP is a portal dedicated to taxpayers. Each taxpayer can log on to a dashboard using their PIN, and view a log of all invoices they have issued. Useful for checking revenue records and for data recovery, e.g. after accidental data loss

Invoice Verification Site

Fraud detection by the public eye! Customers and anyone interested can scan and verify any invoice, just as a TA inspector does

QR scanner (mobile app)

Back Office is the heart of the system. It receives audit packages from taxpayers, checks the data and sends PoA.

CCA (Customer Compliance Award)

A reward for users / customers who scan invoices, usually in the form of a ‘scratch-n-win’ lottery with valuable prizes. It incentivizes customers to always demand an invoice

POS and SDC Vendor Accreditation

TaxCore Development Portal is dedicated to POS and E-SDC developers to ensure their devices comply with regulations. Developers/vendors register with the TA, make a self-assessment checklist for accreditation and test their devices using TaxCore online SDC analyzer. Link to video.

Built to boost both revenue and efficiency

TaxCore is secure and easy to manage.

  • User-friendly interface makes training quick and easy
  • Powerful features allow you to do far more with a small staff
  • Foolproof anti-fraud features broaden the tax base dramatically

Boost tax revenue, while lowering tax rates and increasing department efficiency – make your country’s dream come true!