The Plastic Bag Levy in Fiji

In the past 20 years, environmental scientists have been warning society and most world governments of the devastating effects plastic has on our nature. Normally, plastic requires over 1000 years to naturally decompose in nature. However, a plastic bag takes approximately 20-30 years, while plastic bottles usually take over 400 […]

The Losses in Tax Revenue in the USA and EU

Although poor tax collection is a problem that most developing countries face in the present, it doesn’t mean that the already developed countries don’t suffer from similar issues. And although paying for taxes and collecting taxes is considered to be one of the fundamentals of any democratic society, the number […]

Low Tax Collection Hurts African Growth

Paying taxes is one of the fundamental principles of any country in the world, it is considered a duty of every conscientious, grown citizen. And while in some countries, citizens are aware that paying taxes benefits them, in others, they don’t. Why Efficient Tax Collecting Matters Having an efficient tax […]

Covid-19: What About the Consumers?

Only two months ago, it seemed as if the world economy was well recovering from the 2007 financial crisis. Companies were flourishing, the living standard in a lot of developing countries was getting higher, and consumerism was at a rising point. Absolutely no one expected a mere virus could put […]

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