On September 7 and 8, 2023 in Santa Cruz de la Sierra (Bolivia), Data Tech International participated in an international conference on the topic of using electronic invoice information to identify tax risks. The event was jointly organized and promoted by CIAT (the Inter-American Center of Tax Administrations), the Norwegian Development Organization (Norad), the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), and the National Tax Service of Bolivia (SIN).

This meeting was inaugurated by the Bolivian Minister of Economy and Finance, Mr. Mario Cazón Morales who was immediately followed by the event’s main organizers, including Mr. Vinicius Pimentel de Freitas, Chief Technology Officer in CIAT (Panamá), and Mr. Raúl Zambrano, Technical Assistance and Information Technology Director in CIAT (Panamá).

The Radisson Hotel in Santa Cruz de la Sierra welcomed 33 delegations from countries around the world including Brazil, Angola, Malaysia, Morocco, Spain, Argentina, Bolivia, Cabo Verde, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Kenia, Panama, Portugal, Dominican Republic or Uruguay.

Most countries held presentations highlighting experiences and lessons they learned after fiscalizing the economy in their countries. However, the presentations were not just limited to the Tax Administrations, as private companies such as Microsoft, Google, and Data Tech International were also invited to present their own solutions and experiences.

DTI’s presentation on the topic “Data Tech International Solutions for Tax Administrations”, was delivered by the company’s CEO, Mr. Goran Todorov. During the presentation, Mr. Todorov gave the audience a general introduction to the company, followed by a review of TaxCore’s benefits for the Tax Administrations, TaxCore’s interoperability, and the assurance of its business continuity under any circumstances. The presentation also covered the use of the blockchain technology to carry out audits and help with fraud detection and verification, the Customer Compliance Award Program (CCA) to help detect fraud by customers, the use of reports and business intelligence (BI) to help collect and analyze useful data, a look into some of the cases the Tax Administration detected by using this technology, as well as the concept of the unitary invoice.

At the end of the conference, the organizers stated the importance of electronic invoicing to prevent VAT fraud in revenue collection and announced the launch of a Digitalization Dialogue Group (DDG) to foster dialogue between the Tax Administrations and other organizations.

Data Tech International will continue to promote our core values in the fight against the gray economy and sales suppression, as well as to advocate for the importance of issuing fiscally audited receipts to ensure that complete tax collection and tax compliance is available worldwide.