The Tax Administration (TA) of Serbia has announced a robust strategy against tax evasion. This year, they conducted 102 targeted field inspections, strategically monitoring the use of fiscal devices at cultural, artistic, and tourist events. Impressively, legal measures were imposed in 66 cases, amounting to a significant 64.71 percent rate.

Notably, the TA executed 19 meticulous inspections at major events like the Assembly of Trumpet Players in Guča, Nisville Jazz Festival in Niš, Tešnjarske večeri in Valjevo, Beer Day in Zrenjanin and The Grill Festival in Leskovac. Their dedication led to the identification of irregularities in 16 instances, leading to swift bans.

Remarkably, the Tax Administration’s inspectors consistently uphold stringent standards. They undertake comprehensive evaluations of field records through electronic fiscal devices, aligning with regulations related to the new e-fiscalization model implemented in Serbia in 2021, called System for Fiscalization Management, powered by TaxCore®.

Noteworthy is the fact that the Tax Administration of Serbia is armed with powerful tools in the form of the new fiscalization model. This model equips them with real-time data on traffic across all retail locations in Serbia. This ingenious approach enables the application of risk analysis and precise targeted checks, empowering them to promptly address any non-compliance among taxpayers.

Video archive (April, 2022), opening ceremony of S.U.F. monitoring centre at Tax Authority Serbia, source: