Data Tech International was invited to attend ATAF (African Tax Administration Forum), whereas the conference focused on “ICT in Tax Administration Leadership” bringing together Heads and Senior Officials of African Tax Administrations and Ministries of Finance. DTI attended the conference along with Worldwide Avatar Technologies ltd where we presented the many advantages of our Electronic Revenue Assurance solution.

DTI and Avatar had a mission, and it was to explain that digitalisation of invoices can greatly help tax authorities fight tax evasion and VAT fraud. The point was to show many benefits of such systems, starting from small things such as motivating the consumers to ask for their receipts.

Many African countries tend to struggle with this as consumers still didn’t grow a habit to always expect a receipt. This helps the grey economy a lot as many irregularities remain under the radar; completely undetected by tax authorities.

This serves as a firm proof that real-time transaction data from a taxpayer to a tax office is possible. Although many authorities over the world are still quite used to the systems devised at the beginning of the 21st century, bringing technology into this story can only help taxpayers comply.

What seemed to be the most important was the fact this solution comes at no or very low cost. This was the perfect inspiration for both African and the rest of the countries to consider implementing these new models into their system.